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    13 phallic-y print ads from recent years. Safe for work.

    1. Dark Dog energy drink

    I have no idea why they did pixelated non-dick-vertising. No idea. Via France.

    2. Skyy vodka

    Do I have to explain it to you?

    3. Skyy cherry vodka

    Tell me those cherries don't represents balls, and I'll tell you you suck.

    4. Diesel

    Photoshopped big package.

    5. Diesel

    Diesel's limited edition Iron Man packaging, which looks like a man gripping his pene. Via Mexico.

    6. Largo tomato juice

    All the way from Estonia. Translation: "Good for potency".

    7. Playstation 3, via Austria

    Yes, that's a thumb penis.

    8. Bice bread, via Italy

    Personally, I don't want to eat penis and testes bread.

    9. Fat Yak ale

    Via Australia. Tastes like Yak piss/semen?

    10. Fragoli


    11. Workaholics

    You saw this on BuzzFeed recently. That's supposed to be three penes.

    12. Hung

    This is how you do a penis billboard, Workaholics people. Via New Zealand.

    13. Tom Ford

    Just a woman biting a Fuck You Finger, not your penis.

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