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    Nike's Barf-Inducing Commercial From Last Night's "American Idol"

    Many of you "romantics" will think it's cute. I'm a fucking runner. Running's not cute. EVER.

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    Oh LOOKIE: another "Loser Guy" spot. (You'll notice loser guy isn't wearing Nikes. Also, he goes out too fast, but nevermind.)

    O-KAY, the song is clever. The filming is clever (Washington Square Park, WOOT!). But the idea is pure marathon-runner-at-the-finish-line PUKE.

    From the Nike press note:

    "The short film was inspired by the idea that if a runner is strong, she can sing while running. The spot kicks off a social media campaign that will challenge runners to test their strength by singing to a special “Nike Free Running Karaoke” mix that debuts next week."

    NO, if a runner is strong, she can run fast, long. NO SINGING (or talking, shut-up asshole) WHILE RUNNING EVER!

    Here's the song's lyrics, if you care

    Here's my favorite YouTube comment:

    "Cute idea, but it just reinforces the same tired idea that a loser guy gets to be with someone who seems like an awesome gal. I'd have preferred if she'd looked confused in the hospital, jogged in place to read his chart, been astonished at his weakness, and then run home."

    A 2:30 commercial on American Idol, though—that cost a SHITLOAD.

    Agency: Wieden + Kennedy.

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