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New Philips-Norelco Groin Groomer Video Is Painful

I don't understand the words coming out of the nude model's mouth.

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I'm assuming this is a commercial for one of the Philips Norelco BodyGroom shavers, though it is not ID's in the ad. But the video is via the official Philips Norelco YouTube page, so I'm assuming that, despite the fact that the ad is awful, that it is a real ad.

(*hand in air*) What does: "all swift and no drift" mean?


I do like the ultra-cheesy ironic song. But if you're going to do the hackneyed over-confident man your man wants to be concept, PUSH it! Make it funny! Spend longer than an hour writing copy! JESUS, you're a bunch of fucking amateurs, 21st century Creative People Types.