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METH Ads — Nothing But METH Ads

20 ads, in honor of the final season of Breaking Bad. TRIGGER WARNING: These ads will definitely send tweakers scurrying for their pipe. Also, disturbing images.

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Above was the most derided ad from a much derided and parodied NOT EVEN ONCE campaign by the Montana Meth Project.

The organization pulled this execution once the message finally got through their thick skulls that the ad read like a coupon.

The deadly trap of ad copywriting semantics. Not Even Once.

Enjoy this trip through Iceland, kiddies.

But first, to get you in the mood, check out these hilarious NOT EVEN ONCE catnip parody ads.

9. New York City


NYC government — forever terrible at PSAs.
After Hurricane Katrina, they thought they'd try to capitalize on the hype.
All they did was give downtown methheads another cool nickname for their drug.

8 United States TV commercials

Each one is more ham-handed and overacted than the next.
Pick your fave.

13. If those three cute kiddies were on METH, I'll shoot horse into my eyeballs.

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14. Dun Dun DUN — the Ghost of Tina Future.

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16. Really? Grabbing his leg?

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17. O-K, kudos for creepy guy casting.

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18. Ooh, taking us: INSIDE A METH DEN.

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19. Jesus, he just wants his X-Mas presents.

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20. Over-Dramatic Winner Winner, Crystal Dinner.

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