Men! Hate Hanging Out With Women After Sex?

    Boy-oh-boy, does Axe have the product for you.

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    How many times have you wanted to fuck and run, dudes, only to have the b-word want to talk and do stuff and shit?

    Problem solved.

    Introducing the Axe Morning After Pillow. (See what they did there with the name? SO clever.)

    Ha, but it's a just a dumb joke from Unilever. Their marketing honchos know — thanks to proprietary market research — that Axe Men don't really hate being with women (*wink* *nudge*). Not a whiff of misogyny here.

    That's why they're actually selling these things on their Puerto Rico Facebook page.

    (Honestly, this stunt would have been fine if the video was actually humorous.)

    Ad agency: DDB Latin America.