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    Posted on Jul 9, 2013

    The Two Most Annoying Spokespeople In Ad History

    KIA introduced these two amazing asshats during Wimbledon.

    The Woman of Now — "Putting me feelers out letting my feelings out..."

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    The Australian videos have been online since January, but the spots apparently got their big stage debut over the weekend during Wimbledon.

    And, my goodness, are these two people fucking annoying.

    I scoffed heartily when I saw Arwa Mahdawi's Guardian article about the spots titled, Is this the most irritating ad ever?

    I've seen some really irritating spokespeople, including Mr. Fucking Opportunity and the douchey State Farm Guy (State Farm has hidden/deleted all his commercials on YouTube.).

    But, these two insufferable "Now" People are even worse.

    She's pretty and jiggly, but not too pretty and jiggly.

    He's a less attractive Jake Gyllenhaal.

    And you watch, wishing they both would be picked off by assassin snipers.

    It's of course, not all their fault.

    The ad writer-poet of these rhyming marching mantras — and KIA — also deserve several headdesks.

    Pro tip: watch the spots as Funny Or Die parodies, and they're actually really funny.

    (Note: Just to make the spots even more irritating, notice that the two pass each other in each other's commercial.)

    Ad agency: Innocean Worldwide Australia.

    The Man of Now — "I wear after shave I wear the blame..."

    View this video on YouTube

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