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    Man, Woman Defy Gravity In Midtown Manhattan (It's An Ad Stunt)

    Can you guess the product? Super Glue? Anti-gravity firming eye lift cream? No, and no.

    It's the new Rockport truWALKzero (that's a cumbersome name) shoe.

    The man is German performance artist Johan Lorbeer, known for his "still-life" stunts. He was aided by his team member Maren (see her on the cube below).

    How does he do it? You can probably guess; his real arm is inside his clothing.

    Anyway, pretty effective ambient ad, even if you do have to suspend your disbelief a bit too much.

    Maren makes tourist shit his pants.

    Smug fucker.

    The scene on Sixth Avenue last week.

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