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10 Latest Craziest Condom Ads

Do you like having sex with another person? Well, here you go.

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2. Via Argentina, ad for Tulipan condoms with "retardant control." So, two-pump chumps, you don't have to think about other things during sex, like the square root of 7, plumber ass crack, cockroaches, etc.


3. Two ads for Vive textured condoms, via Guatemala. "Maximum pleasure" for her. So, shopping for shoes and bags is what gives her maximum pleasure. OK, we'll just skip the sex, and she can give me a handjob.

7. Two new safe sex commercials via MTV Brazil, tagged #UseItDick. The Mer-Man vid below is just fucking bizarre.

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8. MTV Brazil.

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9. PENAL SPERM! Award-winning ad for Prime "maximum security" condoms via Argentina. Unfortunately, it's not an original idea, see the copy below this ad.


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