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    Kids Guns Sold By The NRA

    Get 'em shootin' before they can walk.

    Camo Marshmallow Shooter:

    "NRA kids love guns and all kids love marshmallows. Give them the best of both worlds with our Camo Marshmallow Shooter. This pump action plastic shooter sends mini marshmallows up to 30 feet. The easy-to-fill magazine tube holds up to 25 marshmallows for rapid fire action. Imported."

    .44 Magnum Air Soft Gun:

    "Derived from original Western designs, our 44 Magnum Air Soft Gun features a realistic look made from high-quality plastic. A working hammer and an 8-shot cylinder project orange soft rubber ammo up to 20 feet. Included with the air soft gun is a pop-up target set featuring a deer on one side and standard target on the other – aim for the pockets and score points!"

    NRA Foam Rocket Gun:

    "A smash hit with the kids in Pittsburgh, our Foam Rocket Gun is now available through the Squeeze the handle of this foam gun to launch an arrow straight and fast. Comes with 2 arrows and features the NRA block letters printed in blue."

    Always Be Branding.

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