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    Is This Lawyer Billboard Some Kind Of Joke?

    Via Ontario.

    This distracting at Hell "public service" billboard is brought to you by the counselors of Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers (website — warning a video ad autoplays) of Ontario.

    It begs several questions:

    • Who the fuck are they kidding? They want every able-bodied man, woman, and teenager TXTNG & DRVNG, because TXTNG & DRVNG = more business for them.

    • Has this billboard, in fact, caused any accidents?

    • If so, did any personally-injured folks retain Findlay to sue the billboard media company?

    • Or, did any personally-injured folks retain the services of another law firm to sue Findlay?

    Their yellow pages ad, featuring stock photo injured-healed father, and son.

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