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    Is Sharknado The Coolest Crazy Shark Movie Poster Ever?

    It's pretty awesome, but it's got competition.

    1. Good poster, BUT one of the best movie taglines EVER.

    2. As opposed to a shark vs. an octopus (that's further down).

    3. Another Roger Corman flick featuring a dino-shark.

    4. Decent tagline.



    7. Jesus, enough with the chicks in bikinis. OUT OF THE BOX, people.

    8. Plot: "A shark who swims in sand terrorizes a tropical paradise." Real sand sharks everywhere boycotted this bullshit.

    9. This is set in... Buffalo, N.Y.

    10. Left was the official poster, but the right one is better — plus a great tagline.

    11. Good tagline.

    12. Cool poster. Terrible tagline.

    13. Though I love the Santa hat, the Japanese version wins.

    14. But this is only thing you need to see from the above flick.

    15. The classic is hard to beat. It's been riffed on a million times.