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Watch A Video Of A Sexy Nun Licking A Gun Made Of Holy Water

AND Absinthe. It's a promo video for the new Vice Lolly, via a London ice cream shop.

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This is the same shop that got sued last year by Lady Gaga over their "Baby Gaga" breast milk ice cream.

From creator Matt O'Connor on the Ice Creamists blog:

"Depending on your perspective we are either scraping the bottom of the barrel (where we do most of our business) or are just out to create choc and awe. For me though, like breast milk ice cream, its about making a political statement. The Vice Lolly is about the immorality of war, government and religious deception and the corruption of society. When exposing grand facades there is no more powerful weapon than satire. I may come from the Father Ted school of marketing and the Vice Lolly may land us in hot water, but at least I will know that’s no apparition.
The Vice Lolly is a Holy Water Pistol with a licence to chill."

The Vice Lolly is three parts holy water imported from the spring at the Grotto of Massabielle at Lourdes, a famous place of pilgrimage for Catholics, and one part absinthe. It'll cost you £18.58.

Poster below.

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