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Introducing New Delicious Fabuloso Sports Drink!

How the heck did this packaging make it to the supermarket shelves?

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Fabuloso is floor cleaner.

Put it in the fridge, kids love it!

Apparently, ingesting it won't kill you. From a letter to the editor in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Fabuloso is a household cleaning product that is a minor gastrointestinal irritant and unlikely to cause any major morbidity or mortality. It is one of a group of questionably labeled products that might easily mislead consumers into unintentionally ingesting this product. The makers of Fabuloso have recently made minor safety adjustments to product packaging, the outcomes of which are not yet known.

The impact on the person accidentally consuming this product or a similarly relatively benign cleaning product is unclear; although poison-center personnel and physicians might recognize it as a benign ingestion, family members and the confused caller/patient might consider it to be a significant event at worst and an inconvenience at best...

"Unlikely to cause any major morbidity or mortality..."

Even the grape one with "bleach alternative?"

Fabuloso is a Colgate-Palmolive product.

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