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    I'm Tired Of Seeing This Corpse On The Subway

    There must be a better way to advertise organ donation.

    I catch the 5:58 AM 'A' train every weekday morning heading downtown to the BuzzFeed offices.

    And, at least once every week, I see this ad for the New York Organ Donor Network.

    Yes, I am signed up to donate my organs.

    But this ad had nothing to do with it.

    A corpse, in line with some hipsters, probably at a fucking Japanther show.

    "Dude, how do you get your skin tone so ashen? It's so Goth. Duuude?"

    NYODN? I will make a better ad for you, for free, if you promise to burn all the press proofs and delete all the files of this thing and never run it again.

    Below, two previous NYC public service subway ads that made me SMDH.


    Yes, I'll certainly call '311' if I see either of those guns pointing at my face.