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If You Eat Shark Fin Soup, You Deserve To Be Buried Alive At Sea

Bloody shark fin sundials were set-up in city squares in South Africa to alert people to how many sharks are killed per hour—70-100 million per year.

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Sorry, I am not an ad reviewer on this post.

Contrary to what Sarah Palin thinks, these beautiful predators are 400 million years old. But rich, well-fed human predators, particularly along the Pacific Rim, would rather give up their ecosystem than their shark fin soup.

The South African office of worldwide ad agency TBWA, acting on behalf of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, constructed and erected these bloody fin sundials in a few cities.

Creatively, I'm not crazy about the effort; it's not dramatic or interesting enough to go viral on the Web.

But hopefully, every little thing helps. Watch the video. Watch the fin-less shark get kicked back in the water to die. Go give money.

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