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What The Human Face Will Look Like In 100,000 Years

According to an artist working with a computational geneticist.

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Researcher and artist Nickolay Lamm, working with Dr. Alan Kwan, who holds a Ph.D. in computational genomics from Washington University, has imagined what our faces might look like in the distant future.

According to Dr. Kwan, the changes might include:

• a larger head to accommodate a larger brain

• larger nostrils for easier breathing in off-planet environments

• denser hair to contain heat loss from a larger head

• eyes getting larger, as attempts to colonize Earth's solar system and beyond see people living in dimmer environments farther away from a sun

• skin becoming more pigmented to lessen the damage from harmful UV radiation

Go to Forbes to see what our faces will look in 20,000 and 60,000 years.


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