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    Homeland Security's New "See Something, Say Something" Ad Is Something

    It looks more like an ad for a spa treatment, or possibly,

    "I see a woman who didn't take a shower after running three miles on the treadmill."

    The very popular anti-terrorism slogan in New York City has been usurped by the Department of Homeland Security, who recently placed these very strange phone kiosk ads, according to Animal New York.

    As you can see, the ad features a woman who looks more bemused than worried, checking out...something. She's wearing what appears to be a sexy, deep neckline dress or top.

    And the black-blue duotone reproduction combined with that typeface on the all-important slogan headline makes you think — at least, from a distance of further than 10 feet — that this is an ad for...Anne Taylor? AT&T?

    AND...can't our government afford an up-to-date stock photo (flip phone)?

    As you can see in one of the Metropolitan Transit Authority's trademark yellow and black executions below, at least there's no mistake about what the ad is for.

    The campaign's effectiveness is, at the least, questionable, as was brought up in this New York Magazine piece, last September.

    But it should be added that what can't be measured is if the ads/slogan have helped stop terrorists from even beginning to plan attacks.