Cool Iconic Rock & Roll Photography Poster Campaign

    15 ads, some better than others, but you'll find one or two that connect. Released to promote Live Nation's summer concerts.

    1. Ramones, 1976. When NYC was still NYC.

    Unfortunately, this cool campaign is via the $5 billion ticket-selling monopoly, Live Nation. Their press note about the new ads:

    In addition to being one of the largest promoters of live entertainment in the US, Live Nation also controls the largest archive of rock 'n roll-related fine art photography ever assembled: Rock Paper Photo. Wanting to tap into this goldmine of iconic imagery before its captive audience of millions of music fans, we created a poster series that would appear on-screen at its venues before shows.

    Ad agency: Division of Labor, Sausalito.

    2. Keith. Not dead yet.

    3. 1972.

    4. You youngsters will find this hard to believe, but Tyler was one of the best pure rock vocalists of the 1970s.

    5. Pete Townsend, 1976. Broke guitars when it was cool to break guitars (a long time ago).

    6. 1980. RIP, Big Man.

    7. Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1984.

    8. Don't let the door hit you in the ass, "Poison," "Warrant," etc.

    9. Metallica.

    10. Flaming Lips.

    11. Biggie.

    12. Major Lazer.

    13. Deadmaus

    14. Jay-Z, Coachella, 2010.

    15. In New York City.