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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    Four Hideous "Royal Babies" Spotted In London Tube

    It is a hilariously reprehensible ad stunt by betting site Paddy Power.


    The Brits love to bet. On anything, and everything.

    And with about two weeks left until the Kate and William royal baby official due date, Paddy Power is still accepting bets on everything from the new child's hair color, gender, name, university, career – and even the name of their first girlfriend or boyfriend, according to the London Evening Standard.

    The current hair color odds are: ginger 7/1, brunette 6/4, black 2/1 and blonde 7/2.

    A Paddy Power spokesperson said: "According to our patriotic punters we could soon be welcoming Princess Alexandra, born on the 17th of July with brown hair weighing in at 7lbs."

    The amazingly ugly babies then made a stop at Buckingham Palace.

    More photos below.

    Paddy Power is known for their obnoxious advertising, having produced the most complained about 2010 ad in the UK. See it below the baby photos.







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    All photos via: Taylor Herring PR.

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