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    F#©K Banksy, What About NYC's Real Graffiti Artists?

    The millionaire British bomber is currently in town for a month, putting up his whimsical little stencil scenes. But Jilly Ballistic, Poster Boy, and Robert Lanz are hometown rascals.

    1. Ballistic's latest. On a flag on an E train.

    2. Simon Cowell's show is dying in the ratings. Ballistic helps it on its way down.

    3. Ballistic often uses WWI imagery. This was put up on "Gas Release Day" in the subway system. Union Square Station.

    4. WWI soldier eating rations on top of new iPhone ad. 14th St. L station.

    5. Via Queens.

    6. Manhattan.

    7. Drones. Coming soon. Brooklyn.

    8. Gap's Adam Driver poster gets the Ballistic treatment. 23rd street 1 station.

    9. Tribeca artist Robert Janz has been tweaking the NYPD's POST NO BILLS warnings as fast they can paint over them. Via Soho here.



    12. Subway ad slasher Poster Boy has been mostly laying low, compared to past years. (The NYPD has a hard-on for him.) But here he went nutso on a 7-11 board.

    13. A brilliant Poster Boy piece of "Weiner" appropriation of one NYC's latest stupid "See Something Say Something" ads.