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    Stunning Design School Subway Posters

    New York City design firm Sagmeister & Walsh created these fantastic facial typography posters for the School of Visual Arts.


    The faces of the 'TAKE IT ON" campaign are Stefan Sagmeister, (above), Jennifer Walsh, and Santiago Carrasquilla. The stop-you-in-your-tracks posters are currently up in the New York City subway system.

    Here's the firm's note about the work:

    ""Take it On" posters for the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. We looked around our studio and realized that the Sagmeister & Walsh team is rooted in the SVA community. Stefan teaches at the MFA Design department, Jessica teaches at the BFA Design department, and Santiago was a student at the BFA Design department. We embraced the maxim by literally taking on the typography on our faces. We worked with renowned photographer Henry Leutwyler and creative retoucher Erik Johansson to achieve this poster series which is now displayed throughout the NYC subway stations."

    As a former SVA student, I love everything about these, even the copy. "Take It On" is a great tagline for any creative industry, and the School would be wise to make it their new slogan.





    6. They even look good with some wear and tear.

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