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    Don't Want To Be Frisked? Stop Being Black

    An anonymous group is putting up posters in New York City attacking the NYPD.

    According to Animal NY, an anonymous group called "Racism Still Exists" (RISE) has been erecting these posters (update: legally, and paid for) in bus shelters around Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn for the past five months.

    The stop-and-frisk statistics support their protest.

    In 2010:

    52 percent of the 601,285 stops were of black people (Blacks make up about 26% of the City population), and of the 32,375 black people stopped for having a "suspicious bulge," exactly one was found to have a pistol.

    In 2011:

    685,724 stops were made in New York City in 2011; 88% of those stopped were not charged with any crime; 84% of those stopped were African-American or Latino (via MSNBC).

    Read more about RISE and why they are putting up these posters at ANIMAL NY.

    See more photos of the posters here.