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Don't Use Dead Dogs In Your Ads

Sports apparel company Pearl Izumi just learned that lesson.

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The ad for Pearl Izumi running shoes is running in the latest edition of Canadian Running magazine.

If you read the copy (blown up, below), you find out that the company was concerned about posting a fake dead dog in their ad — they set up a site,, as part of the new campaign (the url is now dead).

Pearl Izumi apologized for the ad (below).

Runners are a very loyal bunch of people. Once they find a shoe they like, they will go to the ends of the earth (and the internet) to find/buy more pairs of their favorite shoe.

Dog owners are also a very loyal bunch of people.

A lot of runners are dog owners.

Something Pearl Izumi should keep in mind for future advertising efforts.

See the two other ads from the campaign below.

Ad agency: Genesis, USA.