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    Disturbing Elle Macpherson Lingerie Ad Resurfaces

    The voyeuristic ad from 2004, showing a prone woman seemingly in distress, reemerged on Twitter yesterday.

    1. "Blue Shoes"

    This type of thing happens every now and then in advertising, and it is something that many companies and their ad agencies need to start realizing: none of their ads are ever old or dead.

    The above 2004 Elle Macpherson Intimates ad, somehow, started spreading on Twitter yesterday. Sydney bra designer Renee Mayne (@BraQueen) tweeted that the ad "goes against EVERYTHING lingerie is about."

    Then, Jezebel picked up the thread. Writer Anna Breslaw said:

    "When's the last time a voyeuristic shot of a woman lying crumpled in her underwear on the floor in a defeated position, as if she'd just been thrown there, facing away from the camera, made you go "Ooh, I should order that demi cup!" Never? Yeah, me neither."

    Two of the other ads from the Australian campaign are below.

    A fourth ad, showing a woman lying on a sofa with her left hand in her crotch, is NSFW. You can see it here.

    The campaign certainly goes against the usual well-lit innocent-smile Victoria Secret's approach to selling intimates.

    Note: None of the anonymous models in the ads in Macpherson.

    The Glue Society, the Australian-based ad agency behind the campaign, is known for their eye-popping work. They shot this truly amazing Fernet 1882 liqueur ad in 2011. In 2009, they created a fake Swine Flu Pandemic Alert billboard to promote a sketch comedy show.

    2. "Ankles"

    3. "Bath"

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