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    CROCS Tries One Last Time To Get Teens To Buy Them (UPDATED)

    What's their ploy? SEX, of course. UPDATE: Crocs says they did not authorize this ad's "creation or appearance." Full statement from Crocs after the jump.

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    UPDATE: Below is the full official statement from Crocs:

    "We've seen the news report on MSN Money concerning an offensive ad that references the Crocs brand. It is not an authentic Crocs ad. We're very concerned by it, because it does not reflect our company values as a global lifestyle brand.
    No one at Crocs is familiar with this ad; no one at Crocs authorized its creation or appearance. We are committed to portraying the Crocs brand in a positive and respectful manner."

    This latest commercial, via the UK, for the shoe that some people have eaten, apparently, is mildly amusing, but smacks of utter desperation.

    My ad flamethrower stayed sheathed for the first 30 seconds. I was thinking 'OK, if this story has a well-thought-out, funny ending, it might actually be a winner.'

    But then: sex with the hot saleswoman?

    Give me a fucking break.

    What a cliche.

    And, it's a bit creepy.

    Ad agency: in-house.

    Produced by Compulsory.

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