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    Coolest Detergent Ads Ever Feature Amazing Sand Sculptures

    Ad agency Lowe Singapore got three-time world champion sand artist JooHeng Tan to build a series of "18-ton" (that's what the press note says) dirt sculptures for OMO detergent. Great idea.

    Listen, my first reaction upon seeing any ad campaign is to look for some reason to hate the crap out of it. Often times, if I don't find a reason, I make one up. That's how much I hate advertising.

    I don't hate these ads. I think it's a refreshing way to sell detergent. Sure, there's no unique selling point—you could use these for any detergent. So what. Sometimes, all you have to do is sell the category more memorably than the competition.

    No stacks of clean laundry, no smiling dirty kids—the two usual, hackneyed approaches. I love these. I love the tagline. Bravo.

    (OMO is a very well known brand in Singapore, that's why there's no product shot in the layouts. I don't think they're scam ads, because the agency wouldn't have enlisted the sand artist.)

    Ad agency: Lowe Singapore.