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    Jul 19, 2013

    44 Year-Old Christy Turlington Looks Phenomenal In New CK Underwear Ad

    She is one of the most beautiful women in the world.


    This is the first ad from the 44-year-old supermodel's new campaign for the brand.

    I worked in Soho NYC for 18 years.

    I've seen many well known models walking the streets.

    Iman. Nadja Auermann. A 16-year-old Liv Tyler.

    But, about 15 years ago, I saw Turlington walking on Prince Street.

    And, I quite literally walked straight into a lamppost.

    Her beauty punches you in the stomach.

    Side Note: Photoshop expert Jim Edwards took his loupe to this low rez image and determined that she is so "heavily Photoshopped" that she is "Unrecognizable." Yes, of course, she has been retouched, as has every model in every CK ad ever, but she's also been styled much differently than her past CK shoots. Take it from somebody from the creative side of the business who has actually been on a few fashion shoots before.

    Turlington in 1990s CK underwear ad.

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