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"Camp Gyno" Ad Is An Amazing Breakthrough In Tampon Advertising

Amazing. Hilarious. Perfect. The girl in the commercial is a joy.

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And with those words, Hello Flo just won Ad of the Year (so far).

What sets Hello Flo apart from other delivery options (besides the amazing spot) is that they're a subscription service that automatically ships your care package "when you want it with what you want," according to their website.

If you're an American woman, I don't have to tell you about the traditional hush-hush nature of this country's menstruation advertising, with all the never say the p-word, "blue liquid" commercials through the years.

Well, this sassy little girl just changed that flo.

The following words come out of her mouth:






• VAGINA!!!!!

Hello Flo isn't just for 12-year-old girls of course. But, if you get them loving your product/service early, and you're good at it, chances are better that you've got a customer for a long time.


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