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British People Not Very Happy With Red Bull "Titanic" Ad

The UK's ASA has received "around 50 complaints" about the commercial which suggests that disaster could have been averted if only the ocean liner had stocked the energy drink.

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The commercial first aired in Germany earlier this year, according to The Drum.

Now, this English language version has prompted a relatively large amount of objections filed with the UK's Advertising Standards Authority. However, the number of complaints doesn't factor into whether or not the ASA bans an ad. In the past, they've banned ads that have received only one outcry.

In this case, the ASA has not begun investigation yet, which is also typical. Often, they ban an ad well after it's media buy is over, or well after a video has gone viral.

Red Bull previously upset even more people worldwide with this Jesus-mocking commercial, created in the same animated style.