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Guerilla Group Hijacks 30 UK Billboards, Pre-Olympics

Six artists, including Banksy collaborator Paul Insect, have postered their own work over existing outdoor campaigns to "challenge the destructive impacts of the advertising industry."

The famous Wayne Rooney Nike ad gets nicely busted by Bill Posters with the addition of a Foot Locker shopping bag and a new tagline.
In Birmingham.

The group, Brandalism, says the strict enforcement of branding regulations for the London 2012 Olympics has been a strong part of provoking their reaction.

From the Brandalism website:

Installed over five days in one continuous road trip that has covered the length of the country, the Brandalism crew have hit 33 spots in 5 cities. Edited and developed on the fly, this project sees the culmination of 8 months work and we will be adding more content to the site after we get some serious sleep, updates will follow daily…

Near a school in Manchester, Bill Posters presents a toxic Happy Meal.

Ron English had some fun in Bristol.

Ghost Patrol has some advice about the upcoming two weeks for Mancunians.

Polyp helps a BP executive clean his hands in East London.

By Cleon Patterson in Birmingham.

Beautiful piece by Paul Insect in London.

The Space Hijackers comment on the absurdity of the legalese of the Olympics.

See all the ad busts at Brandalism.