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    Are Women Still Being Badly Exploited In Ads In 2013?

    Yes. Seven recent commercials from around the world.

    1. Really Dannon? A man with a fucking bullhorn yelling tempting food names at our guilt-ridden dieting hero? What the actual fuck.

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    2. 2013 Commercial for Rompetrol, a large Romanian oil company. Every man's fantasy: fast cars and fast (cleaning) women.

    3. New Audi commercial. The woman is all style, no substance, so laugh at her soaked ass. The ripped skirt is a nice touch, too.

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    4. New spot via Scotland in IRN-BRU's "gets you through" campaign. The star of the ad is actress Marianne Adams, however her two co-stars are the real attraction.

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    Here's a previous even more insane IRN-BRU spot.

    5. Sport Clips — It's good to be a guy. As opposed to a man.

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    6. New KIA ad, via Australia. Oh lighten up, it's completely harmless to mock fat women — as long as the HILARIOUS joke makes a valid point about the car, right?

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    7. Via India, vagina-tightening gel ad from last year. No comment.

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