Alcohol Has A New Hero

    He doesn't brag like "The Most Interesting Man In The World." He just lets his walking do his talking.

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    He's wearing a Speedo and...wading shoes. Wading shoes. Could you pull this look off? No, you couldn't. Nor could I.

    Men like him. Women like him. Dogs like him. He likes him.

    Admit it, you were transfixed for the entire 100 seconds.

    Personally, I don't like Southern Comfort, but that's not my beat.

    The fake drink flag at the end is a dumb touch.

    Still, a perfect bit of branding, created by my good friends at Wieden & Kennedy.

    NOTE: The only recent drink spokesdude I've liked better is "Barry" (below): He wears a motorcycle helmet, red clogs, and a thong Speedo. His drink is Wild Fire, a concoction that's 25% apple juice with a shot of caffeine.