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A Woman Can't Buy A Car By Herself, According To New Commercial

"I don't need to bring a dude with me." Another clueless company fails to grasp that it's 2013.

Posted on is an automotive pricing and information website based in Santa Monica, California.

This spot is one of their "LET'S TALK TRUTH" ad campaign commercials.

And the truth is, women are pissed off about the ad.

Here's some of the latest comments from TrueCar's Facebook page:

— "Your commercial makes my blood boil. 'I don't need to bring a dude with me.' Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! How incredibly asinine and sexist."

— "Well garsh, how on earth did I manage to buy a car last year without your site? I mean I did it all by my little self with research and knowing how to stand my ground. Without a man. AND without your website."

— "How many millions did you spend on this campaign you have running, which is targeted to a demographic you're mainly offending? You "dudes" have a terribly misguided impression when it comes to the presumed importance of your sex, especially when it regards a female's ability to do anything at all she wishes. Welcome to the stone ages, fellas."

The negative comments go on and on, go read them yourself.

And, here's response, according to Adweek:

"We apologize if our ad came across the wrong way. Transparency is a core part of our business and we aim to improve the car buying experience for everyone by helping consumers make an informed buying decision."

Feel the love, ladies, from that pro forma non-apology right out of the Marketing Bullshit 101 textbook.

TrueCar, you guys (And I do mean guys, check out their masthead below) know it's 2013, right? Not 1963?


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