9 Fun Christmas Ads

Ads for everything from a church to porn blocker software to Marmite.

1. Sci-Fi Channel.

2007. Ad agency: BETC euroRSCG, France.

2. St. Matthew-in-the-City Anglican church.

2009. They are a very progressive church.
Ad agency: M&C Saatchi, Auckland, New Zealand.

3. Roeschke porn blocker software.

2008. Not actually a Christmas ad, but still quite merry.
Ad agency: Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg, Germany.

4. Playboy.

Merry X-Mas from far, far in the past.

5. Stella Artois.

I guess(?) Santa was flying drunk, slammed Rudy into a mountain, exchanged Rudy’s rack for free beers. Or something. Ad agency: Ad agency: Eje Sociedad Publicitaria, Puerto Rico.

6. Marmite.

An elf puking into his hat is always funny.
Ad agency: : adam&eveDDB, UK.

7. Soöruz skate shop.

Very cool.
Ad agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris.

8. Reindeer Ale.

Rudolph the red-nosed alcoholic (actually, his name is Dick).
Ad agency: Rees Bradley Hepburn, Birmingham, UK.

9. Mini Cooper.

Superb idea here from 2009.
In Amsterdam, local agency Ubachswisbrun/JWT surreptitiously dumped a few fake Mini Cooper boxes to be picked up by sanitation crews—but not before they caused a bit of neighborly busybody buzz. Jan got a Mini? VLOEK! (that’s DAMN, in Dutch) The text on the side of the box was advertising a limited time 99€ a month offer.

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