8 Best Ads Of Month

Well, besides this tampon ad. July was an unusually good month for good advertising.

1. Nexcare waterproof bandages (Thailand).

Hilarious ads. Just fucking hilarious.
Ad agency: O&M, Bangkok.
Second ad below.

2. FXB International (France).

FXB is a nonprofit that fights poverty and AIDS for children worldwide.
A clever and easy-to-get way to show how little you need to do to help.
Ad agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris.

3. Schweppes Limón Dry (Spain)

I generally hate celeb endorsement campaigns, because they are usually lazily thought-out, wholly unentertaining commercials. But the choice of Iggy Pop here, for this particular product, is perfect. Bravo, China (the responsible Madrid ad agency). Third ad featuring a full upper body shot here.

4. Starburst Flavour Morphs (UK)

A simple, cute, and tasty way to show the product benefit.
Love the hanging cherries.
Ad agency: adam & eve/DDB, London.

5. Hot Wheels Safari Series (India).

Cute. Funny.
Ad agency: O&M Mumbai.

6. Parkinson’s UK.

A risky print campaign by London’s Assembly Network, but if you know someone who has (or had) Parkinson’s, it hits you both intellectually and emotionally. I hope it’s doing some good. Second ad below. See all five ads from the campaign here.

7. Krisview 360º CCTV (Indonesia)

Simple. Funny. Memorable. Effective?
Campaign won a Silver Lion at Cannes last month.
Ad agency: JWT Jakarta.
Second ad below.

8. Pacific Blue Cross (Canada).

Pacific Blue Cross rubs it into America’s face .5 kilometers from the border with this clever billboard that mimics a highway sign that reminds homefolk to get travel insurance before heading to the land of far from free health insurance.
Ad agency: Wasserman + Partners, Vancouver.

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