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    52 Shades Of Greed Playing Cards

    Organized by two New York City illustrators for the Occupy Wall Street movement, the informative deck features many of the architects of the economic collapse.


    Marc Scheff was approached by a member of Occupy Wall Street's Alternative Banking group and asked to illustrate some of the people, institutions, and wider bad banking practices responsible for causing the recession.

    Scheff and fellow illustrator Daniel Nyari created a full deck of 52 playing cards for the project, inviting 26 other illustrators to contribute to the project.

    The deck of cards is designed, and now Scheff is hoping to raise the money to actually print them up so the packs can be given out on the street for free on September 17, the one year anniversary of the first US occupy gathering in New York.

    "While occupiers are no longer in the park, they are hard at work figuring out how to use people-power to hold big time finance guys and institutions accountable for the mess they have caused," says Scheff. "We think the cards will be a great way to bring people into the issues. For example, do you know what a CDO is, or how the banks are using it to continue subprime lending? Well, you should, and the information in this deck of cards and on our site will help. Especially as we come up to an election, these issues are very salient."

    See all the cards here.

    Buy them here.

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