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    40 Most Controversial/Creative PlayStation Ads

    Sony pushed the boundaries. Sometimes, a bit too far.

    1. Lara Christ ( Catholics went ballistic, of course)

    From 2000, via France.

    Many of these ads — and most of the crazier conceptual ones — were created by the Paris office of worldwide ad agency TBWA.

    In recent years, PlayStation advertising worldwide has gotten much tamer, which is a shame.

    2. Christ, nailed by the PS symbols.

    2003, via France.

    3. Blow-up Doll

    From 2004, via France.

    4. The famous Mushroom Clown

    Via France.

    5. The infamous Thumb Penis Boy (the six-pack is very untruthful advertising)

    Via Austria.

    6. Sony is probably responsible for more sleepless nights than any other company.

    From 2001, via France.


    2001, Via France.


    From 2001, via France.

    9. Born to Game

    2005, via France.

    10. Rebirth

    from 2003, via France.

    11. Free Yourself

    2007, via Spain.

    12. Death waits for no one, except gamers.

    2006, via Romania.

    13. A lot of Death or Birth riffing in the ads over the years.

    14. Two ads for the white PSP Portable. Here, a domanatrix.

    Via Germany.

    15. And here, the Grim Reaper.

    Via Germany.


    Via Belgium.

    17. Soldiers building a monument to you, player.

    Via Chile.

    18. Orcs building a monument to you, player.

    Via Chile.

    19. Your boxer worships you.

    Via Chile.

    20. PlayStation's European ad for "Play Outside Day"

    21. Multi-award winning ads for the Portable.

    Last year, via Spain.

    22. 2nd ad

    Last year, via Spain.

    23. Mr. PlayStationHead

    From 2004, via France.

    24. Serious gamers

    Via France.

    25. Note the Puppy Plug.

    From 2004, via France.

    26. Very conceptual. All the princes are busy gaming, leaving poor Sleepy Beauty to sleep forever.

    From 2004, via France.

    27. Kama is missing her Sutra because he is gaming.

    Via France.

    28. Grand CLIO Award winner.

    2006, via France.

    29. Now so cheap, anybody can afford it. So, your other toys are shuffling off this mortal coil.

    2003, via Italy.


    Via Malaysia.

    31. Dude's getting a transfusion from WWII German general Erwin Rommel. Ad upset more than a few people.

    Via Chile.

    32. As long as I can still game.

    Via Spain

    33. Matryoshka-vertising. Uh, inside every fat gamer is a skinny white girl? Fuck if I know.

    Via Spain.

    34. Not afraid of mocking blind people

    2007, via Spain.

    35. River Of Blood for "The Getaway"

    2004, via the UK.

    36. "Games for girls and boys"

    From 2000, via France.

    37. The panties are shaped like the PS symbols.

    38. The boy gamers ate this one up.

    Via France.

    39. The headless 4-boobed woman

    Last year, via France.
    Copy translation: "Touch both sides. Twice the sensations."
    The Vita has a front touchscreen and rear touch panel.
    Many critics blasted the ad as sexist.

    40. WHOA...

    Via France.

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