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24 Stock Photos Of Hot Women Giving You The Finger

Why? Because F*CK you, that's why. Also, it's Friday.

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Her flip-off doesn't carry much weight.

No face = lower model fee.

I said "Anger" not "Constipation."

I said "Anger" not "Duck Face."

I SAID "Anger" not "Apathy."

You, uh, don't look like a proctologist.

I can't read her face.

Nothing to add.

That's not your ring finger (same model as above).

Um, shoot's over, blondie.

Yes, YES! Work with me!

Nothing to add.

Sorry, client says your nails are too nice.

Detention! (She signed an "over 18" release form.).

"I come from the Fuck You solar system."

She works at TGIFuckYou.

Nothing to add.

Once Bitten, Twice Fuck you.

What part of "copyright" don't you understand?

Nothing to add.

I bet that's how big your penis is, too.

She's a happy fuck.

I'll see her in Hell.

Probably what a lot of you guys are doing to this post.

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