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22 Longer Sex Condom Ads From Around The World

For all you Minute Men out there. Technically, safe for the work.

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1. Olla Condoms with "climax delay"

Via Brazil.
This is the cutest climax delay ad ever.
Look at those patient Spermatozoa hanging in the testes, waiting for their man and his numbed knob to reach the eventual point of no return. There're chess-playing sperms, guitar-playing sperms, solitaire-playing sperms, sperms resting in hammocks, etc. It's a sperm sit-in!

3. Durex Performa Condoms

Via Thailand.
If you're a football (soccer for you Americans) fan, you're familiar with the added time sign raised near the end of halftime and before fulltime. Well, Durex used this medium to promote their Performa condoms—which feature the painkiller Benzocaine which theoretically desensitizing your raging chubb.

20. Durex Performa Condoms

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Via Italy.
Cannes Lion winner from 2004.
Add this ad to ads that would never run in the USA.

One more commercial from the campaign below.


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