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20 Uniquely Brilliant Business Cards

Your card can be the best piece of advertising for your business.

1. The business card of Bentply, a London modernist furniture store, turns into a modernist chair.

2. Canadian landscaper's business card is die-cut astroturf. Damn, that's good.

3. Acupuncturist Steve Li recycles old business cards and laser perforates his details into them. Great idea.

4. A Swedish secondhand shop. Nothing cheaper, or better.

5. Ladies and Gentlemen...

6. Minnesota-based photographer Lars Swanson rubber-stamps his 35mm slides to create unique business cards.

7. Hilarious.

8. South Korean optician's self-eye test busness card. Great thinking.

9. Brazilian audio studio. Die-cut, with a piece of tape for the name.

10. Canadian bike shop's business cards are tire patches.

11. Belgian architectural firm.

12. Credit Counseling Society, a Canadian nonprofit.

13. Bangkok tourist bus service's business cards mimic tear-off bus tickets.

14. Model plane shop's business card. Via Canada.

15. Web developer, via India.

16. Frame shop in Moldova.

17. Personalized shoelaces for the salespeople at a Brazilian Adidas store.

18. Dutch headhunter's edible buisness card. Hilarious.

19. Vancouver baby store's business cards have foam bumpers.

20. Brazilian makeup artist can turn any napkin into a business card.


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