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    Mar 6, 2013

    20 Racy, Funny, Insulting, Creepy "Down There" Care Ads

    You know, down there. The ads run the gamut — both female and male ads.

    1. Naughty Nads

    Ad for Naughty Nads from 2006 scanned from Cosmopolitan.

    That's supposed to be a lightening bolt, far right bald pussy.

    2. Strip Ministry of Waxing

    The Strip Ministry of Waxing in Singapore has run some attention-grabbing ads in recent years. This was a joint ad with the Cat Welfare Society, pleading with you ladies to add a temp bow tie tattoo to your bald nether regions.

    3. Strip Ministry of Waxing

    4. Strip Ministry of Waxing

    Via Flickr: teikjoon

    Ah yes, the "cherry" reference.

    5. Strip Ministry of Waxing

    Here, Strip partnered with PETA to create this rather graphic love wallet metaphor anti-fur ad.


    Note the Photoshopped arm hair.


    This partially-waxed hirsute man was paid to parade up and down a busy Vancouver beach handing out free samples of Parissa (a women's waxing salon) wax strips.

    8. Benostan hymen gel

    Ad via India for Benostan hymen gel, vaginal tightening goop for women over 40.

    It's an herbal product "which can be used as a lubricant, while at the same time enhancing the firming sensation of the intimate area during intercourse" (from their website).

    9. Lactacyd

    View this video on YouTube

    Dutch Commercial for rosebud cleaner Lactacyd.

    Ad agency: Grey Amsterdam

    10. Always

    " can we get her hoo-ha near his head?"

    11. Veet

    Via Australia.

    12. Veet

    Via the UK.

    Very clever art direction.

    13. Queen Bee Waxing

    Hilarious ad for Queen Bee Waxing of Culver City, California.

    "The Kojak" — heh.

    14. Queen Bee Waxing

    And, two more ads for Queen Bee.

    That Photoshopped beaver is frightening.

    15. Frilly Lilly

    Frilly Lilly is a "sanctuary of girliness" with several locations across Canada.

    They specialize in waxing whisker biscuits.

    16. Brazilian Beauty

    Clean poster for Brazilian Beauty, a chain of beauty salons in Australia.

    17. GBB beauty salon

    Ambient poster for GBB beauty salon in Bucharest. The crudely drawn posters, promoting their "professional waxing" service, feature tear-off pubic hair phone numbers sticking out from the bikini bottom. Pretty clever, and very cheap.

    18. Salon Sov'a

    Very creepy ad via Ukraine.

    Do Ukrainian men really collect hair from their sexual conquests?

    Salon Sov'a is a real business in Kiev, and this is a real ad.

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