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20 Racy, Funny, Insulting, Creepy "Down There" Care Ads

You know, down there. The ads run the gamut — both female and male ads.

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2. Strip Ministry of Waxing

The Strip Ministry of Waxing in Singapore has run some attention-grabbing ads in recent years. This was a joint ad with the Cat Welfare Society, pleading with you ladies to add a temp bow tie tattoo to your bald nether regions.


8. Benostan hymen gel

Ad via India for Benostan hymen gel, vaginal tightening goop for women over 40.

It's an herbal product "which can be used as a lubricant, while at the same time enhancing the firming sensation of the intimate area during intercourse" (from their website).

9. Lactacyd

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Dutch Commercial for rosebud cleaner Lactacyd.

Ad agency: Grey Amsterdam


17. GBB beauty salon

Ambient poster for GBB beauty salon in Bucharest. The crudely drawn posters, promoting their "professional waxing" service, feature tear-off pubic hair phone numbers sticking out from the bikini bottom. Pretty clever, and very cheap.

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