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1980s Horror Movie Logos Ruined By Comic Sans

What doesn't Comic Sans ruin?

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Back in 2011, Graphic designer Christian Annya compiled 30 1980s horror movie poster logos in a post subtitled: Lettering and typography from the pre-Trajan era.

He laments the lack of creativity in today's horror movie logos, writing:

"Logos/wordmarks like (you saw in the 1980s) are gradually becoming extinct. They're being replaced by Trajan, which has become the go-to font for horror movie posters. As a result, very few movie identities stand out from the crowd. Typography is hardly ever used anymore to express the theme or atmosphere of a movie.

But, Trajan is still better than Comic Sans.

Here's what those horror movie logos might look like if Hanna-Barbera was releasing the films.

Thanks to BuzzFeed designer Chris Ritter for these laughable logos.