14 More “Only In Russia” Photos (Plus One Cringeworthy Video)

Snails crawling on women’s faces. A statue dedicated to…enemas. A man who thinks he’s a tree.

Meet Andrey Khristoforov. When he turned 40, he turned into a tree, according to himself. He’s an active protector of forests in Arkhangelsk.

He’s a leader of the Party of Love.

At a Krasnoyarsk salon, women let snails crawl on their faces for hours at a time. This supposedly makes the skin look younger by erasing wrinkles.

At a Ukrainian fashion show.

The swing set of pain.

How Siberians have fun: downhill snowboarding in costumes into a pool of +4C water.

Touching sexy Vladimir’s sexy ишак is permitted.

Woman doing wide grip chin-ups backstage at the Eastern European Cup bodybuilding competition in Stavropol last Saturday.

Photoshoot in the Moscow underground.

Angels bearing a heavenly rectal bulb syringe, in Zheleznovodsk.

In Russia, they do Pain Parkour. Ouch.

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