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    13 Of The Most Sexist Beer Ads Of All Time

    Women and non-troglodyte males don't drink beer, according to these beer brands.

    1. Skol Beer (Brazil)

    You don't need the Portuguese translation to get the drift here.
    The wishful world of the Skol drinker, right.
    Second ad below.

    2. The Skol Beer shower curtain.

    3. Fernet (Czech Republic)

    View this video on YouTube

    2007 TV commercial.
    Not merely sexist, this is flat-out hatefully misogynist.
    NOTE: Fernet is an herbal spirit that Czechs mix with tonic and call Bavarian beer.

    4. Coopers Premuim Light Lager (Singapore)

    Get it?
    "Only 2.9% alcohol" will stop you horny men from going FULL BEER GOGGLES. Ads from 2008.

    5. Courage Beer (UK)

    After running in 2009, the ad was subsequently banned in England.

    6. Schneider Beer (Argentina)

    From 2004.
    The titles of these ads are (via the ad agency press note) TIT and BOTTOM.

    7. Heineken (USA)

    View this video on YouTube

    Commercial from 2007.
    Bob Garfield, America's preeminent ad critic, called this Heineken ad "arguably the most sexist beer commercial ever produced" because it "portray(s) a woman's uterus as a beer keg."

    8. Goldstar Beer (Israel)

    "Thank God you're a man" — Drink Beer + Fuck.
    Second ad from 2009 campaign below.

    9. See, women don't drink beer.

    10. Helldorado Beer (Brazil)

    "The Fine Art of Being a Man."
    This 13% alcohol beer was introduced in Brazil as "For Men Only"
    Second moronic ad from this 2012 campaign below.

    11. Huh huh, huh huh.

    12. Dos Equis (phone kiosk, Manhattan)


    From last year.
    Even The World's Most Interesting Man has a misstep every once in awhile.
    Reducing all women to raging wild animals.

    13. Mickey's Malt Liquor (USA)

    From 1988.