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    14 Vagina Imagery Ads (Safe For Work)

    In honor of International Clitoris Awareness Week (it is, look it up).

    1. PETA partnered with the Ministry of Waxing to create this anti-fur ad.

    2. Ad from 2008 for Swedish women's magazine Tara.

    3. 8mm bush. Poster for Sex Cinema Venus, the oldest adult movie theater in Amsterdam's red light district which shows only vintage porn from the 70s. Nice.

    4. From back when Playmates had hair down there.

    5. Queen Bee waxing salon in Culver City, CA.

    6. Casino ad via Australia. Brunettes drink free!

    7. Bird's Eye Salmon Fish Fingers — "SO MUCH PINK"

    View this video on YouTube

    Uk commercial from 2009.

    8. There have been many variations of this design for Eve Ensler's play.

    9. Ad for Lotte cookies via Thailand, where almost every ad references sex. The headline should be EAT ME.

    10. Fake ad via the UK for Tena, the bladder weakness specialists.


    12. Aquaglide fruit-flavored lubricant ad via Germany.

    13. Target Times Square billboard from 2007.

    14. Back in 2010, S.C. Johnson wanted to warn Indonesian parents to keep one wary eyebrow-less eye on what their children look at on TV and the Internet.