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Scary/Awkward Product Packaging

What the Hell am I buying, exactly? 12 photos.

1. Phun with Photoshop! Mom, why are you putting your hand there?

2. Extra loud snorer is forever alone.

3. Uh huh-huh. Unauthorized Beavis & Butt-Head selling dumplings in Russia.

4. Gourmet Cuisine's beef with stroganoff sauce. It looks like pieces of crap taking craps.

5. "Rainbow"

6. WHAT?!?

7. Off brand toilet paper via NYC. A crowd cheering your ass wipes.

8. Japanese condom packaging, targeting 10-year-olds, I presume. Kit Sack!

9. Evil Clown brand generic cheese puffs.

10. Via a bodega on the Lower East Side of NYC.

11. Via a meat case in Amsterdam. This was being done to relay that the killed animals had a better life. The Teddy Bears were placed in all the beef and pork packages. Try explaining this to the kids.

12. Looking at her face, I don't think these are corn seeds.