13 Ads That Are Assholes

My old ad profs said "the best ads have a personality." Well, these ads are all real jerks.

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The definition of "je ne sais quoi," according to the Oxford 20-volume dictionary set that sits behind my desk: "an indescribable or inexpressible something."

That something, here, is ASSHOLE.


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I really hate to pick on a world-destroying firm like Morgan Stanley...

These ads are from 2008, right on the middle of the financial collapse.

The copy starts: "If you look closely, you’ll see one is a white-bearded goat and the other a balloon.”

Well, that sure is some extraordinary worldly wiseness. So…are you guys the goat or the balloon? Are you suggesting that I invest in livestock? Rubber? Ocean exploration?

Fuck you, asshole ads.


At first glance, this Starbuck's ad doesn't appear to be an asshole.

But, when you realize they placed it on the corner of Houston and Lafayette in NYC — where there isn't a backyard for miles — ASSHOLE.


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I've been on the fence about these obnoxious Frito-Lay ads for two years.

On one hand, they're kind of clever.

But on the other...

Yeah, I just fell off the fence. The ads are ASSHOLES.


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"Viral" video via Ray-Ban.

How do you justify charging people 4-5 times more for the same exact sunglasses?

By showing a cow giving birth to a be-sunglassed ASSHOLE.