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    10 Very Unfortunate Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

    I'm getting sic (sic) of this.

    1. Yeah, I hate boots, too.

    2. The Tea Party, perfectly encapsulated in one photo. WE ARE ALL JOE THE PLUMMER.

    3. I literally hate people I've never met who misuse (or don't use) apostrophes.

    4. Sign in a gym.


    5. Via Greece. I like "severious," I wish it was a real world that meant "really serious."

    6. " accecpt (sic) the things I cannot change" — just fucking classic.

    This was in yesterday's "Irony" post, but it was too good not to include here, too.

    7. The porn version of the movie "Life Is Beautiful"

    8. Nothing worse than a massive public error.

    9. Via a 2nd grader...not sure if girl or boy.

    10. A common poo sign grammar mistake all across the world.