10 Of The Best Package Designs

A celebration of ingenuity.

1. Fisherman rubber boots

Ad agency: Good Media, Kazakhstan.

2. Samurai Vodka

Created by Moscow-based designer Arthur Schreiber.

3. Spark

Cool package for Spark laundry detergent, via South Korea.

4. Campaign against Landmines

Special ketchup packets created to raise awareness and donations.
A little gruesome, but brilliant.
Ad agency: Publicis Mojo, Auckland, NZ.

5. Naked

Unfortunately, this is only a concept design by Russian art director and graphic designer Timur Salikhov.

6. Panasonic Note earbuds

Design won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2010.
Ad agency: Scholz & Friends, Germany.

7. Afro Man

Black melon bread packaging via Japan.

8. Coke

From 2009. Part of a Coca-Cola visual identity system. By London- and San Francisco-based packaging design firm Turner Duckworth.

9. Görtz 17

Cool shoebox for Görtz 17’s Converse Collection.

10. Ricola

A special music edition wrap for Ricola cough drops, “Unwrap Your Voice.”
It won Gold for Package Design at the London International Awards last November.
Ad agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg.

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