10 Most Insane Ads Of The Last 10 Years

    AKA — when art directors drop acid.


    Lee jeans. Is that you, Waldo? Waldo does wear jeans, but not jorts.



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    TV commercial for CheeseStrings, starring a character named Mr. Strings.



    Via Germany, for Oise Language Coaching.

    Headline: "Precise Pronunciation."

    The tongue catapult is about to launch the word "laugh" at the ear sticking through the castle wall. Catapults aren't very precise, just saying.


    Ad out of Italy for Stella coffee products.

    Coffee Bean Scorpion IS IN HER NOSE.


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    I posted this spot for Little Baby's ice cream last year, but it deserves to be in this list.

    Here's the script:

    "There's good reason for my glistening skin.

    And how I shine. And how my pores are so…clean, clear.

    I eat Little Baby's ice cream.

    It keeps me young.

    It keeps me…light on my feet.

    I spring, from activity to activity.

    I love my job. I love my life.

    When you eat Little Baby's ice cream

    you'll wink and nod and hug

    and high five each other with great enthusiasm.

    This is a special time.

    Little Baby's ice cream.

    Ice cream…is a feeling."


    Venezuelan ad for Nestea. Copy: "You Are What You Drink."

    So if you drink Nestea, you are Nesteapheles, the Satanic strawman.


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    Via New Zealand, for Xenical, a prescription drug for considerably overweight people.

    The craziest, most sexist weight lost ad ever.


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    Of course, this post could easily be made up of all Japanese ads.

    But I'll include my favorite: For a Tokyo sushi restaurant.


    Two ads via Thailand for the Exact brand home pregnancy test that are seemingly telling women that using this device is just as accurate as sticking their heads all the way up their uteri.

    But...if I was a woman, and if I could in fact stick my head that far up my hoo-ha, I'd also need flashlight microscopic eyes.

    10. Finally, the most insane commercial ever produced (briefly NSFW).

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    Commercial via Russia, specifically the city of Novokuznetsk, for some company named Vikam, a seller of work clothes and boots, Just watch it, and give me your artistic interpretation.

    Look for the naked blonde with a baby harp seal coming out of her chest, because why not?